About Diamond Fireworks UK


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The owners of Diamond Fireworks UK have been involved with the importation and wholesale of fireworks since 1990.  They spent several years learning and understanding the fireworks market in the UK and in 1996 Diamond Fireworks was established.

Diamond Fireworks was the company and it incorporated two brands of fireworks, namely the Diamond range and the Bad Boy range.  The ranges were designed to offer the consumer the highest quality available at an affordable price.

The Diamond range has always been a more family orientated range of fireworks, utilising colours, whistles and crackles to a greater extent than the louder bangs.  





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                                                                                                                                      The Bad Boy range was designed to be a firework with attitude, giving the consumer those louder bangs that many want.  Many of the items used a larger bore than anything in the Diamond range, producing a larger effect and a massive report.  

Diamond Fireworks moved to their current site in Manchester in 2000 and have continued to wholesale fireworks from that site to this day.  They also own a distribution hub in Northern Ireland, wholesaling fireworks throughout the country.

The Diamond Fireworks range of fireworks has always kept one key component, quality fireworks, even to this day.  The range has changed over the years mainly due to changing demands in the market place and legislation changes which the company works hard to remain compliant by continued liaison with the Health and Safety Executive and the Northern Ireland Office.


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